“ Healthcare professional and trained them in specific aspect of care in diabetes and its complications”

— Shri Radhakrishna Hospital

Consultant Physician And Diabetologist

Diabetes is the situation in the body when body unable to pair with body glucose , it is also known with its another name blood sugar. It occur careless management with result in increasing sugar level in body. The increased sugar will result in various harmful body complex that includes heart diseases and stroke problem and also effect eyes, kidney and liver. These are different from person to person and its treatment is also different depend on the types of diabetes.

Services Offered

  1. Administration of Anesthesia in all subspecialties
  2. Anaesthesia for Painless Delivery (Epidural analgesia)
  3. Preoperative Medical Evaluations
  4. Neuro-Anaesthesia
  5. Paediatric Anaesthesia
  6. Management of acute and chronic pain
  7. Anaesthesia for Radiology, Endoscopy and Dentistry outside OT
  8. Emergency and ICU Management

Head doctors

  • Dr Anup Agrawal

    Dr Anup Agrawal


    Intensive care relies on multidisciplinary teams composed of many different health professionals.

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